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Grip Strengthener

Grip Strengthener

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Grip like a warrior

For many the most limiting factor in their workout is their grip strength - you will only ever be able to lift as heavy as you can hold. If you're looking to increase your weights but cannot seem to do so it's time to focus on strengthening muscles in your wrists, forearms and hands with the help of a grip strengthener.

💪 Professional grade fitness equipment: Improve grip strength and enhance overall hand dexterity with our grip strengthener designed to help you maximise performance.

 👊 Protecting your hands: Designed with an ergonomic and soft handle, this grip strengthener is comfortable to hold for all age groups and for all hand sizes.

❤️‍🩹 Injury rehabilitation: Daily exercise with this grip strengthener can aid the healing process of hand injuries.

⚙️ Adjustable resistance: From 5kg to 60kg you can adjust the resistance according to your own level.

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