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Knee Compression Sleeve

Knee Compression Sleeve

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Improve your gym performance with our knee compression sleeve. Designed to provide support and stability, our sleeve helps reduce swelling and pain while enhancing blood flow. Its comfortable and durable design allows for a full range of motion, perfect for intense workouts. Stay protected and focused with our compression sleeve.

🩸 Increased blood flow: Compression increases blood flow to the area, allowing the knees to stay ‘warm’ during a work out. 

🏋️‍♀️ Support and alignment: Knee sleeves provide support for the knee joint without restricting your range of motion.

🩹 Shorter recovery times: Compression reduces inflammation and lactic acid build-up while minimising muscle vibrations to prevent soreness after a tough workout.

📏 Size guide:


Top width: 15cm

Down width: 13cm

Length: 27cm 

Recommended leg circumference: 30-34cm

Suitable weight: 35-40kg


Top width: 16cm

Down width: 14cm

Length: 27cm 

Recommended leg circumference: 35-41cm

Suitable weight: 40-60kg


Top width: 17cm

Down width: 15cm

Length: 27cm 

Recommended leg circumference: 42-47cm

Suitable weight: 60-75kg


Top width: 18cm

Down width: 16cm

Length: 27cm 

Recommended leg circumference: 48-55cm

Suitable weight: 75-95kg


Top width: 18.5cm

Down width: 16.5cm

Length: 29cm 

Recommended leg circumference: 46-63cm

Suitable weight: 95-110kg

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