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Push Up Bar (Pair)

Push Up Bar (Pair)

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Build superior upper body strength

The classic push up is an effective exercise used in both strength and high-intensity circuit trainingBy elevating the hands, these push up bars can take your strength gains to the next level by alleviating wrist pain and allowing for a deeper push up and engaging more muscles.

Designed with comfort in mind: Durable and comfortable handles offer long-lasting support with a cushioned foam grip helping to reduce strain on your wrists.

💪 A multi-muscle workout: Target your chest, arms, shoulders and abs in one movement.

 🚀 Portable: Easy to assemble, it is the ideal accessory to take to the gym, train outdoors with and store away until your next workout.

 🙏 Non-skid surfaces: The non-skid base prevents you from moving or collapsing while training.

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