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Resistance Bands (With Handles)

Resistance Bands (With Handles)

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Crafted to amplify your workout routine, our resistance bands with handles provide varying levels of resistance for a customised challenge. Strengthen and tone your muscles with each use, utilising the flexibility, durability, and portability of our premium bands. Perfect for achieving your fitness goals, no matter your level of expertise.

💪 Targeted shaping: Designed to shape and tone various body parts such as your hips, legs, and arms, this band provides targeted resistance training to help sculpt and strengthen specific muscle groups.

🧘‍♀️ Different levels of resistance: Coming in multiple colours each corresponding to a different level of resistance allowing you to choose the band that suits your fitness level.

📦 Compact and lightweight: With its small and lightweight design, this resistance band can be easily carried to your next workout.

Resistance band guide:

Yellow: 10lbs

Red: 10lbs - 15lbs

Green: 15lbs - 20lbs

Blue: 20lbs - 25lbs

Black: 25lbs - 30lbs

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